Make national parks bottled water free!

By selling and promoting bottled water in our national parks, the bottled water industry is attempting to paint its eco-unfriendly product green. We're not buying it anymore. Tell our National Park Service director that the American public wants parks to go bottled water free!

Our national parks are for the people, not for profit. Yet Coke and other bottled water corporations are using them as a billboard and concession stand for a product that is anything but green.

One national treasure (our parks) shouldn’t be used to sell another (our water). Water is our most basic human right. Our national parks are meant to be protected from exploitation and profiteering. Water should be, too.

I call upon Jon Jarvis, the national park service director, to help bottled water take a hike out of our national parks by phasing out sales as soon as possible. We can promote and protect the environment, and the tap, by making clear that water, like our parks, is not for sale and deserves our long-term investment.
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